Australia - GT & Black Marlin

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef in the world and offers fantastic fishing opportunities for anglers. We offer you a unique trip to pop for Giant Trevallies, jigging for Doggy and fish for Giant Black Marlin! With our 43 "foot big game boat we will fish five full days and use the big boat as a floating hotel!

The Great Barrier Reef is probably the best area to catch huge black marlin. Several world records come from there and attract sports anglers from all over the world. But Marlin is not enough for us. We also want to give you the chance to fish for the great Giant Trevallies of the Great Barrier Reef. The countless reefs and shallow water areas of the Great Barrier Reef are ideal habitat for GTs, Dogtooth Tuna, Snapper, Grouper and other reef fish. On our group tour you will fish for both GT and Doggy, as well as Black Marlin.

Since we do not want to spend time on long drives, you will sleep on the 42 "foot big game boat, so you can get the most out of the fishing day. We can only take four anglers on this one-time group trip, sharing a total of four single beds. All cabins are equipped with air conditioning so you can enjoy the well-deserved sleep. Your fishing days will start with an early popping for GTs, followed by some Black Marlin trolling during miday and then fish for GT and Doggies in the afternoon until sunset. This will allow you to cover for each species the best time of the day for fishing. You will anker the boat in the shallow areas at night. This will give you the most of fishing time as you will be on the spots the next early morning!

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Exemplary itinerary

The group tour begins for the participants at their home airport. From there you will fly, depending on the flight connection, with or without a stopover to Cairns. Once you have reached Cairns, you will drive the car a good two hours to Cooktown. In Cooktown you will check in your small cosy hotel and you will have enough time to relax and get your fishing tackle ready for the next day.

You will be picked up in the early morning by the crew of our boat and you will travel full steam ahead into the north and to the fishing grounds. After a good three to four hours boat ride you will reach the first hot spots on GT and Marlin. Depending on the conditions, we then immediately start popping or fish for Marlin. Throughout the day you will try different fishing methods and maybe you even catch the first fat GT or Marlin of the trip. In the evening, the boat is anchored to one of the many reefs. Here you spend the night.

The next full three days you can fish for whatever you want. The crew will also advice you on the best fishing options depending on the actual water conditions, tides and weather. The crew is so experienced that they can accurately assess which type of fishing is the most promising. On the last day you fish until the late afternoon before going back to Cooktown. Here you stay overnight in your hotel and drive back to Cairns the next morning. Here it goes with the plane back to your home country.

Of course, if you want to stay in Australia for a few more days, you're welcome to do so!

Unser Boot

Our boat is a 43 "foot O'Brien Boats Sport Fisher. This boat has echosounder, GPS, radar, radio and all safety electronics. A large Black Marlin Tuna Tower is also available. The cruising speed is between 20-24 knots. The onboard Generator supplies power for the air conditioners and other electronic devices on board.

Your accommodation is in the bow of the boat and consists of four single beds and a master cabin with a double bed. All staterooms are equipped with air conditioning. The boat has a large lounge area which is also air conditioned. There are two bathrooms with showers and toilets available.

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Fish species & seasons

The seasons in Australia consist of different sections. The most interesting time for us is from September to late November. Especially in September the combined fishing for GT and Marlin is very good. The absolute Marlin high season starts in October until the end of November. The average weight of the black marlin in this period is 300 to 500 kilos! In addition to the black marlin, there are also blue marlin. These reach a weight of 350 kilos. The end of September and the beginning of October is the best time for popping, jigging and marlin fishing.

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