Panama - Tuna Coast

Panama offers like no other country in Central America a fantastic saltwater area. The number of different, strong fighting fish like Yellowfin tuna, Cubera snapper, amberjacks, wahoo, marlin, sailfish and Roosterfisch is incredibly high.

Huge shoals of yellowfin tunas are roaming the offshore banks from March to the end of June. Come with us to one of the best fishing regions in the world and catch the Yellowfins with your spinning rod! In addition to the target fish you have also very good opportunities for marlin and sailfish

Of course you can also fish for amberjacks, Roosters and Cuberas with your popper and jigging rods. Panama has a lot of different fish species you can catch with your popper and jigging rods. So we can guarantee a lot of fishing action! You can also try your luck for Marlin and Sailfish, not problem! You will fish with our Center Console boats. Each boat is equipped with two 175HP out boarders. This guarantees an easy access to different fishing spots. Our Lodge is the legendary Paradise Fishing Lodge, one of the best in Panama and known for its professionalism for years. We have worked out a special package for you. This package includes all drinks and meals at the lodge. So there are no additional costs for drinks or meals at the lodge! All our boats have all kind of fishing tackle for trolling and live baiting onboard. But we recommend to bring your own popper and jigging rods as well as some poppers and stickbaits for tuna and inshore fishing. There are various providers in Panama with similar offers. But Andree's Expeditions stands for highest quality and professional fishing adventures which we can now also offer you in Panama!

Example Intinerary

Your journey begins at your nearest international airport. From there you will fly to Panama City where you will stay one night in a hotel. We will pick you up the next morning and take you to the legendary Tuna Coast. You will reach our fantastic lodge after five hours of drive.

After you have checked in, you have plenty of time to prepare you fishing equipment for the next days. We are happy to help you with the rigging of your fishing equipment. With fantastic views, a refreshing drink in the pool bar and a good dinner you let the day fade away. You will go and hunt down Yellowfins, Cuberas, Roosters and amberjacks the next five days!

The ride to the outer banks will start in the early morning. On the banks you will find huge shoals of yellowfins which are nailing down the sardines on the surface. Therefore they are easy prey for your poppers and stickbaits! Hardcore fishing action guaranteed! The average weights of the Tunas is quite high and tunas with more than 60kg are caught regularly on the banks on poppers. But not only tunas are on a mission to find easy food. Also marlin and sailfish are on the hunt for tons of sardines. The good thing about Panama is the variety of fishing spots. If a region should not be very productive, you can quickly change to an alternative fishing area. In addition, you can combine different types of fishing which will increase the chances to catch some real monsters. Cubera Snappers and Roosters are an absolute dream for every surface enthusiastic anglers. The brutal first runs and the spectacular surface attacks let the adrenaline shoot into the veins.

After five days of fishing you will go back to Panama City the next morning and depart to your final destination!


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Black Marlin
Blue Marlin                        
Yellowfin Tuna
Cubera Snapper                        
Rooster Fish                        
good/all year

Boats & Lodge!

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Yellowfin Tuna, Rooster Fish and Cubera Snapper!!!

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Travel Services Panama Individual

  • - 1 night in a hotel in a double room, B&B
  • - 6 nights in the Paradise Fishing Lodge, double room, all-incl.
  • - 5 days fishing with guide
  • - drinks during fishing
  • - fishing licenses and transfers
  • - travel security note
  • - fishing equipment for trolling and live baiting
  • - international flights (appx. 750 - 1100€) & Visa
  • - Tips*
  • - add. meals and drinks
  • - special & over luggage costs*
  • - popping & jigging equipment*
  • - lures for tuna and inshore fishing*
  • - travel insurance*
  • *optional/non-obligatory

Tour Price - Panama Individual

Panama - Individual

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Panama - Videos

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    The third and last part of our insane Panama group tour in May 2016. This time you will see the fantastic inshore fishing for cuberas, roosters, jacks and tuna. And on top of it, there will be our famous outtakes at the end of the video :-)
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    This is out 2nd part of the insane tuna fishing action in Panama and the legendary Hannibal Bank! Enjoy screaming reels and fight until total extortion...
  • Up Next Tuna Challenge 2016 - Ep. I
    This video shows us catching giant yellow fin tuna on the Hannibal Banks in Panama using stick baits and poppers. Because we have so much fantastic footage from our last trip to Panama, we will show it in three chapters! Chapter I: Stickbait and popper fishing for tuna, including breaking rods and insane feeding franzies on the legendary Hannibal Banks!